• Achilles - Society for the Defense of Drivers' Rights

    37 Giulbenkyan Str., apt. 21, Yerevan 3750033, Armenia

    (374010) 27 57 44

    (374010) 27 57 44


    <p> "Achilles Center for Protection of Drivers' Rights" non-governmental organization was registered in the RA Ministry of Justice on March 29, 2009 (Order No501). <p> NGO's Mission <p> Being rights protection non-governmental organization, the Achilles Center for Protection of Drivers' Rights supports the formation of informed and non-corrupt society through advocacy, trainings and informing people, cooperating with other non-governmental organizations and state institutions. The organization works to resolve the issues connected with the traffic law, does its best to escape from conflicts and is governed by the principles of the democratic law. <p> Our goals are: <p> Protect drivers' rights in state institutions, including courts; <p> Support the traffic security through advocating for traffic laws; <p> Support the improvement of the ecologic environmental situation; <p> Educate drivers for the purpose of overcoming the lack of knowledge and information on part of drivers. <p> The Achilles organization is working in the following directions: <p> Publication of information in the Novoe Vremya, Golos Armenii, Republic of Armenia, Aravot, Iravunk and other newspapers (there have been over 70 publications). <p> Submission of letters and written questions on important issues to the RA government, police, Yerevan municipality and other state bodies; <p> Develop recommendations to reform the traffic law; <p> Participation in the sessions of Yerevan Patrol, during which they discuss cases on administrative law violations. <p> The organization is a member of the "Coalition against corruption", it participates in international conferences, roundtables and discussions, public hearings and in the development of anti-corruption projects. <p> The organization has a hotline (27-57-44). Since 2006 the organization has provided information and advisory support to over 6000 people; <p> The organization has developed a package of recommendations to the National Assembly, government and police of Armenia; <p> Lobbying for drivers' rights in courts and state institutions; <p> For the purpose of providing information on the relations between drivers and patrol services the organization has published numerous information sheets, brochures, information books, as well as attached posters in different places and 7 headquarters of the traffic police to inform people about the procedures of vehicle registration and other related regulations.