• Venice Commission (The European Commission for Democracy through Law)

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    The European Commission for Democracy through Law, better known as the Venice Commission (and hereafter called the Commission) was established just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and has played a leading role in the adoption, in eastern Europe, of constitutions that conform to the standards of Europe's constitutional heritage. Initially conceived as a tool for emergency constitutional engineering at a time of revolutionary change, it has seen its activities evolve as the early upheavals gave way to a more gradual process of change, for constitutional engineering remains essential to keep machinery in working order that would otherwise tend to seize up. The Commission therefore keeps a close watch on the changes that constantly affect society and are reflected in its fundamental, that is its constitutional, rules. <p> In general terms the Commission's work falls into three categories: specific issues relating to particular countries, more general topics, to which a comparative approach is adopted, and the documentation centre for constitutional case-law.