• Youth Center for Democratic Initiatives

    <p> Grigor Lusavorich Street, Bld. 53 <p> Apt. 59, 2021, Vanadzor, Lori Region, RA

    (+374-322) 40910, (+37491) 344496

    (374-322) 40749


    The “Youth Center for Democratic Initiatives” (YCDI) is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent organization, which was registered by the Central Body of State Register of the Ministry of Justice of RA in accordance with the “Law about the non-governmental organizations”. The YCDI head office is located in Vanadzor, Lori Region. <p>The “Youth Center for Democratic Initiatives” NGO is a voluntary union of young people who accept the values adopted by YCDI and are ready contributing their recourses and forces to spread those values and accomplish the mission of the organization voluntarily. <p>The mission of YCDI is to assist in the processes supporting the establishment of civil society and democratic state, for the sake of human development in Armenia, by the means of activation of youth. <p><b> Principal Means of YCDI Activities:</b><ul> <li>Creation and development of right-protective networks,</li> <li>Educational and training courses,</li> <li>Informational support,</li> <li>Public Discussions,</li> <li>Researches and surveys,</li> <li>Civil Monitoring,</li> <li>Advocacy.</li> <li>Practical protection of rights and freedoms,</li> <li>Collaboration with national and international organizations,</li> <li>Development and implementation of international projects,</li> <li>Raising the public sense of justice.</li> </ul>


    <ul> <li>Assistance in democratic and civil initiatives in all spheres,</li> <li>Formation of a new generation of young right-protectors and civil activists,</li> <li>Development of new methods of civil monitoring, </li> <li>Development of effective public mechanisms for the protection of human rights and basic freedoms, </li> <li>Raising of the authority and efficiency of activities of the public sector,</li> <li>Raising of the civil activism of population by the dissemination of knowledge on the civil society and democracy,</li> <li>Development of human rights and intercultural learning, </li> <li>Assistance in the initiatives directed to mental, spiritual and physical development of the youth,</li> <li>Raising the civil activism of the youth basing on the principles of civil society and democracy, acting on national and international levels,</li> <li>Ensuring youth participation in development of youth unions in communities and in the process of decision-making on the community level,</li> <li>Raising the authority of volunteerism and development of voluntary activities,</li> <li>Development of peace-making initiatives of youth in the national and regional levels.</li> </ul>