• Group of Public Observers at the Detention Facilities of the RA Police System

    <p> Demirchyan Street, cul-de-sac #2, <p> Building 29-1a, Yerevan, RA

    (374-10) 56 87 42, 077 85 99 66

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    The Group of Public Observers is a supervisory body dealing with the protection of rights and freedoms of persons kept in the detention facilities of the RA Police.


    <p>Being governed by the article 47 of the RA Law “On Custody of Detainees and Prisoners”, the RA Chief of Police with the A1-N decree from January 14, 2005, confirmed the Statute (hereinafter referred to as the Statute) of the activities of the group of public observers implementing surveillance at the detention facilities of the RA Police system. The mentioned article regulates that the public monitoring over the detention facilities must be conducted by a group of public observers formed by the authorized competent bodies. According to the approved Statute, on March 10, 2006, the RA Chief of Police, by decree 368 approved the composition of the Group of Public Observers (hereinafter referred to as the Group) and the RA Police provided IDs certifying the memberships, for the terms of 3 years, to the Group members. The Group consists of representatives of several non-governmental, including right-protective, organizations. <p> In April and August, 2006, the Group members took part in a special training courses organized by the OSCE Yerevan office to obtain skills of monitoring in the places of confinement. During these courses the Group, paid unplanned study visits to some of the DFPs in the RA, together with OSCE specialist Krasimir Kanev. The Group has started its observation visits to the DFPs in April 2006. According to the Statute, in order to conduct complete inspection, the Group must implement at least one visit to a minimum half of the DFPs within a year. However, during the short period of its functioning (April to October, 2006) the Group has managed to implement planned and unplanned visits to all the DFPs of the RA. The unplanned immediate response visits are conducted on the basis of alert-calls received from the defending lawyers and relatives of the detainees. <p> On October 31, 2006, the Group has finalized its first report for the period of April-October 2006, and submitted it to the RA Police. It was a comprehensive and unprecedented work and was the first report in its kind, providing a detailed analysis of the situation in the detention facilities of the RA Police. Recently, the response of the RA Police was introduced to the Group, which, together with the main report, is currently being translated into English and prepared for publishing. As soon as the full report is published the Group will organize its presentation and make copies available for wider public.