• Shahkhatun Women’s Democracy Promotion NGO

    <p> 26 Byuzand Street, Apartment #6 <p> Yerevan 0010 Republic of Armenia


    Shahkhatun was founded in 2009 to establish an independent home for the continuing work of the Political Prisoners’ Wives collective. Through the organization Vernatun, we were the recipients of a 2009-2010 grant from the National Endowment for Democracy for our project Wives of Political Prisoners: Sharing Strength and Raising Awareness. Through this project, we have sent the cases of seven political prisoners to the European Court of Human Rights and one to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia. We have also conducted a series of events and seminars raising awareness of the problem of political repression, and produced an hour-long documentary entitled Choice, chronicling the wave of political repression that followed the February 2008 presidential election. The film will be released in March 2010. Activities planned for this year include sponsoring cases in the European Court of Human Rights and Armenian courts, establishing a legal resource center, providing counseling services to the families of political prisoners, producing a film, publishing two translated books on democracy, organizing a festival of photographs, videos, and other work on the subject of democracy and citizens’ rights, and maintaining an informational and interactive website.