• Freedom of Information Centre

    <p> 1/3 P. Buzand St., 4th floor, <p> Yerevan, 0010, Republic of Armenia

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    <p> "Freedom of Information Center of Armenia" non-governmental organization (FOICA) was founded on June 1st, 2001. The main task of FOICA is to defend the people's constitutional right to have access to information. <p> Since 2001 the center has been publishing the "You have the right to know" Bulletin which is the only Armenian periodical specialized in freedom of information. Each issue of the bulletin contains a "black-list" of those officials who have violated the access right of citizens, journalists, NGOs and juridical persons. <p> As a substantial part of public campaign direction FOICA organizes FOI Annual Award Ceremony since 2003. During the Annual Award Ceremony, the Center awards the "golden key" award to citizens, NGOs and state bodies who have best applied the law on "Freedom of information". State bodies, violating the law on "Freedom of Information" receive the "lock" award. <p> Since 2001-2010 FOICA provided 6000 individuals with legal advice and assistance, and during the last 4 years 28 cases with 75% positive results were filed against state and local government agencies, who illegally denied providing information. The result of one case was subjecting one of the village headman to administrative penalty. <p> The law on "Freedom of Information" which was drafted by the center and adopted since 2003 is primarily exercised by the center, based on which 1000 questionnaires with the request of information are sent to state and local governmental bodies annually. <p> Currently, the center initiates the drafting and adoption process of freedom of information sub-legislative acts. Two sub-legislative acts and 7 amendment drafts have already been submitted to RA government and the National Assembly. At present FOICA lobbies for adoption of new reforms to the FOI legislation drafted by FOICA, the RA Government and National Assembly MPs. Through training and workshops FOICA educates citizens, media organizations, government officials, legal advocates, students, and academia to enhance their knowledge on information-access issues. Since adoption of the Freedom of Information Law FOICA has conducted trainings for more than 6000 persons in all regions of Armenia and Yerevan (out of which 3500 were officials). The FOICA implements a number of activities aimed at establishing new electronic government mechanisms in the government system. They are also aimed at improving those mechanisms, ensuring their publicity, and directing them to the implementation of the access to information. FOICA is a member of: Freedom of Information Advocates Network (FOIA Network), Global Access Info Europe (founder member), Global. FOICA is an honored member of the American National Coalition of FOI Centers, which associates 25 FOI Centers in the United States. Freedom of Information Civic Initiative, Armenia. Joins three major organizations in FOI field - "Freedom of Information Center", "Civil Society Institute" and "Media Law Institute". Eastern Partnership National Platform founder, 2010 June. The page of the "Freedom of Information Center of Armenia" in website's addressbook.