• Institute for Civil Society and Regional Development

    <p> Vardanants End-Lane 8, 4th floor, <p> room 402, Yerevan 0010, Armenia

    (+37410) 54 11 34, (+37491) 43 61 23,


    Institute for Civil Society and Regional Development (ICSRD) is an Yerevan-based non-governmental, independent, not-for-profit think-tank with a research agenda covering the major political, economic and social issues facing Armenia, Caucasus and its neighborhood. The main objectives of the Institute are five-fold: research on issues of political, economic and social significance, documentation of materials on these issues, publication of research results, organising training for interested groups, and liaising with institutions which share broadly similar objectives. The primary objective of ICSRD is to promote the establishment of civil society in Armenia and its engagement to the processes of regional and international development and cooperation as well as to facilitate the political and economic reform process contributing to the democratisation process in the geographic frames of Institute's research interests.