• Future is Yours Charitable Social NGO activities.

    <p> Yerevan, 0018, Tigran Mets 36g, apt. 58

    (+37410) 20 57 31

    (+37410) 20 57 31


    “The Future is yours” Charitable Social Non-Governmental Organization The Future is yours, Be wise and goal-oriented, Create it today. We are ready to support you… “The Future is yours” Charitable Social NGO has started it activities in 2003. The mission of the organization is to support to: <p> • Solution of the problems existing in the social sphere of the Republic <p> • Raise of the education level of the growing generation <p> • Cultural and intercultural education of the youth <p> • Raise of the awareness level of the society and the level of participatory process <p> • Increase of the voluntary activities, coordination and development in the Republic <p> • Cultural and educational dialogue between the societies of the countries of our region The organization by its activities aims at supporting the beneficiaries in solution of their problems, not at solving their problems.