• Soldier's Mother-Republican Committee

    Khanjyan 5, 107 room, Yerevan, Armenia

    (+37410) 529931, 523202


    <p> The Armenian Republican non-governmental organization of soldier's mother "Zinvori Mair" (Soldier's Mother) is non-commercial, not political public organization which using methods of propagation and consultations by research, publishing and educational activity in all territory of Republic Armenia carries out psychological, social and legal aid to soldiers and their families. <p> "Zinvori Mair" NGO by its various activities about 15years assisted the formation of civil society in Armenia directly participating in the army's forming and stabilization process, fighting against negative events in national army. <p> The organization formed and strengthened from the day, when to an appeal of the initiative group many women-volunteers provided nursing for injured soldiers in 16 hospitals of Yerevan. <p> Starting from those days the organization permanently is completing by adherents who direct their forces and energy for solving the problems of the organization. <p> During these years the organization has implemented more than 30 large programs which were directed to legal education of recruits and their families', raising well-information of population about changes in legislation, penetration of an activity of state structures. <p> Besides it the organization has issued books and manuals which help the population to be well-informed and to assist its participation in the decisions forming process. The organization has branches in Vanadzor, Stepanavan, Gyumri, Chambarak, Alaverdi, Armavir, Abovyan, Dilijan, and Kapan. <p> The organization co-operates with local and international organizations, with foreign embassies in Armenia and individual benefactors.The organization is member of Geneva Conference' Working Group of repatriation and re-integration of refugees, member of Anti-corruption coalition at the Government of RA, member of NGOs Council of refugees problems at Speaker of RA National Assembly, member of CRINGO DRC network, as well as member of NGO council "Army and Society".