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    <p>Collaboration for Democracy Center was set up in 1997. <br> In the beginning it included mainly journalists, and primarily worked for protection of freedom of speech in Armenia. <br> The organization went on to expand its activities, for freedom of speech is an indivisible part of other aspects of Human Rights. Lawyers, economists, political scientists, university teachers and students, etc. became members of the organization. Presently, Collaboration for Democracy Center has 27 members.<br> Over the past years we have cooperated with such organizations as Europian Union, OSI FA, OSCE, USAID, the Council of Europe, World Learning, the U.S. Embassy to Armenia, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands , Chemonics International, etc.<br> We have necessary professional resource to make TV films and programs. Our organization has made 8 thirty-minute films on the problem of Human Rights. One of the films was extended to the European Court of Human Rights as documentary evidence to mass arrests and irregularities during the presidential election in 2003. <br> We have organized over 50 round-table meetings and debates on TV on the problems of freedom of religion, judicial reforms, ethnic minorities, etc. We have published a series of books, journals and brochures. The works of members of our organization have been published in a number of Armenian and foreign periodicals.<br> Our organization is actively involved in the judicial reform in Armenia. Mikhael Baghdasaryan, a member of our organization, was elected May 2006 chair of the group of monitoring of penitentiaries under the Ministry of Justice of Armenia, set up on the requirement of the Council of Europe. Our organization has taken up management of the grant for the monitoring group allocated by OSIFA andOSCE.<br> We closely cooperate with a number of NGOs, communities, and the mass media. <p><p>- March, 2007<br> Seminar on how to lodge applications before the ECtHR, organised by the Directorate General of Human Rights of the Council of Europe and the Collaboration for Democracy Centre.<p> - Program “Religious Tolerance in Armenia”, duration: 15.10.2006-14.10.2009. Funded by OSI AF and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.<p> - Program “The Changing System of Values in Armenia,”. Duration: 29.12.2006 -29 10.2007 , Funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.<p> - May 2006<br> Seminar for civil society representatives on the issues of deprivation of liberty and the right to fair tral under the European Convention on Human Rights, Yerevan on 23 – 24 May 2006, Directorate General of Human Rights and the Collaboration for Democracy Centre. 14 non-governmental organizations participated in the seminar. There is a preliminary agreement on continuation of the seminars.<p> - October 2005 – April 2006 <br> Principles of National Environmental Education Policy of the Republic of Armenia, Funded by OSI AF<br> The project of the national policy of ecological education was created with the support of OSI FA. The project was implemented with the participation of the renowned specialist in the field.<p> - September 2003 – February 2004 <br> The discussion of draft law about religious organizations, DEMOCRACY COMMISSION SMALL GRANTS, Funded by USA Embassy.<br> The main principles of the draft law were discussed with the participation of religious organizations and the Department for National Minorities ands Religious Affairs of the government of RoA.<p> - September 2003 – December 2003<br> The discussions of draft law about national minorities were organized in order to set a working group for drafting a law on national minorities. Society and minorities were in formed about the rights of the rights that national minorities can enjoy according to the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities DEMOCRACY COMMISSION SMALL GRANTS.<p> - September 2002-Septmber 2003<br> Program ”Witnesses’ Protection in Armenia” Funded by World Learning, USAID.<br> A number of new provisions were created for changes in the Criminal code. The program was created with the cooperation of advocates, judges and representatives of the Public prosecutor’s office. The program was under the scrutiny of the international experts and thereafter it was passed to the Ministry of Justice. Two 30 minutes long films were created within the framework of the project. They were shown by H2 TV channel. <p> -2001-2002<br> Program ”The Court & the Society” Funded by “Chemonics International”.<br> Four documentary films were shot that were dedicated to the coverage of following issues:<br> - the right to silence<br> - divorce cases in Armenia<br> - Right to property<br> - The feeling of insecurity<br> All of the films were show by different TV Channels. <p> -2001-2002 <br> Program ”Religious Tolerance in Armenia” Funded by OSI AF.</p>


    <ul><li>The aim of the organization is to support spread and development of democracy</li><li>To investigate the issues of ecology and to establish the corresponding free of charge educational programs.</li><li>To organize the investigation of the issues of family and women.</li><li>To investigate the reasons for emigration from the country and assist its elimination</li><li>To investigate the panorama of social life, to offer the solution to social issues</li></ul>