• Ahazang - Union of Refugees

    Yerevan, 49/2 Komitas av., 5th floor

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    The association of Armenian refugees "Ahazang" is a voluntary non-governmental organization, whose mission is to promote the integration of refugees in Armenia, to regulate the process of their migration, to render them humanitarian, juridical, medical, psychological and informational assistance.<p> Activities of the Organization in Armenia:<p> <ul> <li>helped the refugees to settle in hotels, boarding-houses, sanatoriums, wreckage houses;</li> <li>set a monument-khachkar in Cicernakaberd in the memory of the victims of Ganzak and bordering Armenian districts from the left money fund(every year on the least Sunday of November this date is celebrated in Cicernakaberd</li> <li>L. Melik-Shahnazarian (one of the leaders of the self-defense in Gandzak) published a book "Gandzak - The unloose world", using the archive documents of the association;</li> <li>organized meeting with the deputies of the Supreme Soviet, took part in the sessions the Council of Ministers, where resolutions on refugees problems were adopted.</li> <li>took part in the creation of the Board for Refugees,</li> <li>took part in the creation of the building company-"Composition "-which was engaged in building the individual houses for refugees in Baghramian, Abovian, Nairi and Ashtarak districts;</li> <li>founded small enterprises in Yerevan, Dilijan and Vardenis districts( in Sotk, Pokr, Mazra, Kutakan villages) for refugees,</li> <li>together with UNHCR and Board for Refugees, Red Cross and "The project of stimulating the development of small farmsteads " in 18 villages of Tashir and Nojemberian regions 360 (families took part),</li> <li>carried out a project of training the women (12) refugees in carpet making in the village Arzni (through AAA/NGO Center funded by UNDP).</li> </ul>


    The aim of "Ahazang" is to promote the integration of refugees in Armenia, to assist the unification of refugees to improve their social-economic and cultural conditions.


    "Ahazang" has established the active contacts with the Board for Refugees, UNHCR and its branches in different regions, IOM, Center of NGOs - Armenian Assembly of America, UMCOR, Armenian Sociological Association, VISTA, Save the Children, with NGOs "Gtutjun", "Arakelutjun Hayastani", "Gardman", "Ghevond Alishan", "Zinvori Majr" and other NGOs engaged in refugees' problems solving.