• Zartonk-89 NGO

    Sebastia 104, Yerevan, 0032, Armenia

    (+37410) 77-31-28, (+37491) 488950

    (+37410) 77-31-28,


    <p> · In 1995 the “Education” project helped 25 parentless children to continue their education in various Institutes of Armenia. <p> · From 1994 to 1998 the ongoing project “Our Heart and Soul to You Children”, a summer vacation, health rehabilitation and educational project took place in Vanadzor and Kaphan cities. 2020 children participated in the project. <p> · In 1996 our “Daily Bread” project installed a flour-mill in Dprabak village of Gegharkunik region, which serves 6 village communities. <p> · In 1998 “The Migration movement in Yerevan” research project took place in Yerevan. <p> · In April 1999 the “Daily Bread” project was implemented in Syunik community (with financing by the French CCFD organization). <p> · At the end of July 1999 we created a small cattle – ranch in Syunik Community. <p> · In 1999 380 children took part “Our Heart and Soul To You Children” summer vacation project. <p> · In 1999 we founded the “Daily Bread”LTD branch of our organization in Syunik Community (with financing by the French CCFD organization). <p> · In 2000 we increased flour production in Daily Bread LTD. <p> · In 2000 we implemented “Main Problems of Irregular Migration of Women” <p> · In 2000 320 beneficiaries took part in the “Health Promotion” project of UMCOR. <p> · In 2001 a “ Staff training” project to strengthen our organization was financed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and CCFD organization. <p> · In 2001“Assistance” project for villagers was implemented in Kapan region and financed by the French CCFD organization. <p> · In 2001 “Kind Sowers” project was implemented in Shake village of Sisian. <p> · In 2002 “Health Care” project was implemented in 4 villages of Gegharkunik marse financed by UMCOR.


    <p> · To help women and children solve their health, education and social problems. <p> · To assist them within the limits of organization’s capabilities. <p> · To implement programs, in which the above-mentioned children are included. <p> · To implement projects, which help the organization become more powerful. <p> · To implement community development programs. <p> · To create work places for single mothers in order to provide for their children’s living. <p> · To engage in women’s problems, rights, duties, to help them find their place in political and social life. <p> · To teach children to recognize and protect the nature and environment. <p> . To teach children to protect their rights.


    "Zartonk-89" organization was established in 1989 after the earthquake. In 1995 it registered in Armenia Ministry of Justice. The work of NGO is based on community and volunteer sector. The organization has collegial management. NGO Board adopts decisions. The president, vice president and secretary of the NGO are selected by the Board. NGO has its staff.


    The NGO cooperates with French CCFD association, which is the main partner of our organization, UMCOR and UNICEF, local NGOs ("Business woman", Parentless Children's Committee charity organization, Agriculture Development and Miss and Mr. Mankapartez).