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    Since 1992 Participation in “Trans Caucasian dialogue” project initiated by International Secretariat of HCA in cooperation with Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Georgian and Nagrono Karabakh committees. The main goal of the project is through meetings, round tables, discussions, different joint programs to assist the process of peace settlement, to create atmosphere of mutual trust in conflicting societies and to protect the human rights of victims of war. Up to now in the frame of this project various activities were carried out. The most important and significant can be considered: - The regular meetings in the so-called “Peace Corridor” on the border of Armenia-Azerbaijan.<br> - Assisting in achievement of seize fire and release of the prisoners of war and hostages through the cooperation with counterpart committees, government structures and especially with Minsk group of OSCE.<br> - Searching of missing people, exchange of information between Committees of Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan, cooperation with government structures. For successful work and hard effort in peace making process in 1993 Anait Baianduor and Arzu Abdulaeva leaders of Armenian and Azerbaijani HCA were awarded by the International memorial fund of Olof Palme “For Aspiration to the peace and cooperation”.<br>


    Goals of Armenian Committee of HCA are:<ul> <li>To assist in creation of civil society, support the civic initiatives, development of democratic infrastructures in Armenia;</li> <li>Promotion of the awareness of human rights values: educational programs.</li> <li> Commencement and involvement of public peace making processes in areas of conflict, particularly Nagorno Karabakh issue. </li> <li>To widen public participation in democratization processes of Armenia, encouragement of involvement of regions in these processes. </li> </ul>


    Armenian National Committee of Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly (HCA) was established in 1992 as a National Committee (branch) of International HCA and was registered in 1994 in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenian as non-governmental, non-profit organization. <br><br> Armenian National Committee of HCA has about 400 members within the network of HCA local branches in the regions of Armenia. The network was established created in 1998 in the framework of the project “Creation of network of local HCA branches in the regions of Armenia” funded by EU Phare and Tacis Democracy Program. <br><br>


    The organization is collaborating very closely with National Committee of HCA of Georgia, Nagorno Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, International Secretariat and with many international and foreign Public Organizations.