• National Assembly approved the draft law on “Probation” with the enclosed package.

    The creation of Probation Service will contribute to the reduction of reoffending, as well as to a reduction in the overcrowding of prisons, which would be beneficial to the state and the society from both social and financial aspects. Moreover, The Probation Service will also acts as a mediator between the victim and offender with the aim of facilitating reconciliation between them.

  • Introduction of community service in Armenia

    Community Service may be imposed on persons, who have been convicted for committing crimes of low or medium gravity, punishable by imprisonment of maximum two years and in case of inability to pay the fine. The court cannot impose community service on disabled persons of first or second category, juveniles under 16 at the time of sentencing, retired persons, pregnant women and drafted servicemen.

  • CSI organized photo trainings for school students from borderline communities of Armenia

    On March 22-25, 2016 Civil Society Institute in cooperation with PAN Photo organised photo training workshops for school students from borderline communities of Tavush region, Armenia. More than 40 young people participated in the training workshops. The photos and photo stories made by the trainees will be shown at the exhibition “Life in Frontline” to reflect daily life in the communities by eyes of young people living in the borderline communities.

  • The deputies discussed the draft Law on Probation

    It is expected that the probation service, guided by the aims to foster social reintegration of a beneficiary and ensure the public security, will perform the supervision on matters of non-custodial sanctions and other compulsory measures ordered by the court, security measures, pretrial restraining measures alternative to detention on remand, suspension of the execution of the sentence, early conditional release...

  • The legislative package on Probation Service has been approved.

    Upon presenting the bill, the Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan noted that the legislative package had been debated at length, so, the earliest possible submission for the approval of the government will facilitate the fulfillment of international obligations. Therefore, she asked parliamentarians for an urgent approval.

  • CSI launched “Towards a Probation Service in Armenia” project

    The project aims to contribute to establishment of a fully-fledged functioning probation service in Armenia, as well as effective use of non-custodial and early release measures, and transition from punitive to restorative approach; to challenge the overuse of imprisonment; help decrease in the prison population; build proportionate responses to crime; and facilitate rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders...

  • How to launch and operate a small business: training for probationers

    The training included modules on the stages of launching a business, including such aspects as coming up with competitive business idea, finding funding for business, existing programmes for promoting small business in the taxation field, particularities of running a family business, the existing procedures, advantages and disadvantages of registering business as individual entrepreneur or LLC.

  • CSI organized special training for juveniles serving alternative sanctions

    “We want to raise interest among juveniles and motivate them so that they obtain a profession. This will give them an opportunity to gain income by lawful means, find their place in life and become fully-fledged members of the society”, - noted Arman Danielyan, Civil Society Institute Director.

  • British horizons supports prison reforms in Armenia

    On 23-27 November 2015 Civil Society Institute (CSI) with the support of the British Embassy in Yerevan in the frames of the British Horizons Initiative invited an expert in prison management Philip John Taylor OBE. Mr. Taylor has over 35 year experience working in prison system.

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