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  • The institute of mediation included in the new Law on Probation

    The first draft law didn’t envisage the institute of mediation and only briefly touched upon the importance of reconciliation between victim and offender. In the final version of the draft Ministry of Justice, the author of the draft, nevertheless, took the risk of introduction of the mediation schemes to be delivered by probation officers. This was done despite the absence of corresponding infrastructure, capacity of staff etc.

  • Juveniles from the perspective of the new Law on Probation.

    At least on paper, the legislators formulated important legal safeguards for juveniles. The law stipulates, that the Probation service is aimed at securing normal development of physical and mental abilities of minors, their education and protection of minors from negative influence of any third person. Ensuring the best interests of the child through effective and full realization of minor’s rights is listed as a basic principle...

  • Restorative justice: “what can we do to make things right?”

    The absence of effective re-socialization programs leads to the inevitable consequences: the more people go through the Armenian prisons, the bigger the number of people with increased hostility towards law enforcement bodies for whom aggressive and violent behavior is the usual way of life.

  • Probation: Why it is important?

    There is a wide spread public opinion that our penitential system is mostly repressive and not conducive to re-socialization.The successful probation service will contribute to better re-integration of persons sentenced to the society, prevent relapses, unload prisons and eventually cut state expenses in this area.

  • Electronic Monitoring: Alternative to Imprisonment

    "Electronic monitoring" is a form of control over a person involved in the criminal justice process through modern techniques and technologies, by tracking his/her location, movements and behavior. Monitoring is usually carried out with an electronic device attached to a person or his/her residence and having a remote control.

  • International practice of introduction and implementation of community service as a type of punishment

    Modern tendencies of the administration of justice lead to an increase of the use of alternative sanctions and transition from punitive to restorative justice. Great Britain is one of the leaders in this sphere. In the future the positive practice of this country was used for legal regulations in different countries, though during implementation it has been changed and adapted to the local specificities.

  • Probation Service in Armenia: roots and expectations.

    On April 1, 2016, the Draft Law on Probation elaborated by Ministry of Justice has passed the first reading procedure. The adoption of the Law as well as necessary amendments to the existing legislation would ensure the promotion of a new approach to criminal justice, which would have restorative effect on all the parties involved, i.e. offenders, victims and community.

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