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  • Right to a fair trial in Armenia in 2013

    The passing year hasn't brought any significant changes in respect to the securing of the right to a fair trial. CSI notes, that systemic problems which were frequently raised during the previous years are still urgent today. In Armenia the independence and impartiality of courts is not guaranteed and they are still dependent on public prosecution service.

  • Human rights in Armenia in 2013: torture and ill-treatment.

    According to the opinion of Arman Danielyan, the President of the “Civil Society Institute” and a member of the UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture, Armenian policeman tortures, as he is not capable to use other means to solve a crime.

  • "Any innocent person in Armenia can be sentenced on a whim of prosecutors"

    The criminal case against Aram Moughalyan holding Master Degree from the Cambridge University and his three friends is a chain of contradictions. According to Moughalyan’s lawyer, the charges against the young men are groundless and three of them have been kept in detention for several months.

  • Stricter penalties to be defined for sex offenders

    The National Assembly is reviewing and is going to adopt draft amendments to the Criminal Code, which stipulate stricter penalties for sex offenses. According to the official statistics, 59 incidents of sex offenses were registered in the first half of 2013, there were 105 such cases in 2012 and 71 cases were registered in 2011.

  • The authorities have to bring the solution of issues from streets to another forum

    “If you try to raise issues by means of letters or other means, they ignore you. The authorities start to react and try to engage in a dialogue only when groups go out to streets and raise their demands, at times in an aggressive manner,” stated Artak Kirakosyan, Civil Society Institute Board Chairman at the meeting with joutnnalists on September.

  • Instances of violation of children's rights are identified at the child care institutions

    The public monitoring group over special educational institutions under the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) found out that the system of child protection in Armenia has not been fully established yet, and it lacks resources, resulting in shortcomings in protection of the rights of a child in the country. The results of the monitoring were presented on 3 July.

  • Serious Torture Prevention Action Plan is expected from the State

    On June 27, 2013 the Conference on “Refraining from Torture and the Right to Rehabilitation-2013” took place. "The practice of torture established in our country since the first years of Soviet era cannot be overcome by a mere statement of the Head of Police or by convicting few police officers", told CSI President Arman Danielyan in his opening speech.

  • Rehabilitation centers for juvenile delinquents are at risk of closure

    Community rehabilitation centers for juvenile delinquents established by the PH International are at risk of closure due to lack of funding. The centers have been funded with donor support since 2006 until now. The organization requested funding from state bodies to continue the centers' activities, however when it comes to good and useful projects the answer is that the state budget is limited.

  • Crowded precinct station

    The Civil Society Institute election observer registered great concentration of voters at the precinct station 05/01 situated in school number 93 in Davidashen, at 09։30-09։50. Out of a car “Gazel”, situated in the yard of the school, and which has brought voters to the station, people were receiving some items.

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