• All Jobs for All Women

    The 8th of March is the International Day of struggle for women’s rights and it is dedicated to women’s achievements in political, economic and social spheres of life. At present in Armenia this holiday has lost its true meaning and became just the Day of all women, when men make gifts and buy flowers for their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. And unfortunately it has happened not because there is no need to remember about women’s struggle for equality.

  • Statement

    CSI demands that the Armenian authorities comply with their domestic and international obligations to respect, protect and ensure human rights and fundamental freedoms even in the most difficult and tense situation. In the meantime, CSI condemns the use of any kind of violence and expects that...

  • CSI is determined to follow-up and make sure that those responsible for electoral fraud are hold accountable

    CSI revealed numerous violations of the electoral process, including obstruction to observers and journalists and subjecting them to threats and intimidation. The observers reported incidents of vote buying, attempts of multiple voting or voting instead of other voters. It is noteworthy that the precinct electoral commissions not always registered observers' concerns and reports about the violations.

  • Prisons should not only isolate people but also rehabilitate them

    Lack of risk and needs assessment prevented individual sentence planning and development of rehabilitation programme based on identified risks and needs. All this results in low effectiveness of imprisonment and does not serve the purposes of punishment, says Ms. Anna Melikyan, CSI’s lawyer.

  • CSI will do observation of voting process during Referendum to prevent violations

    The Observation Mission by observers, lawyers and journalists will be carried out at Precinct #1 of Yerevan, in 35 polling stations of Avan and Nor Nork administrative districts. A hotline 080-080-804 is operated by Civil Society Institute in the frames of the initiative. Free of charge legal aid in relation to revealed violations during the voting process and other legal issues will be provided by CSI’s lawyers.

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