• Civil Society Institute assists to capacity building and development of South Caucasus NGOs

    Civil Society Institute, Armenia organized a three-day training workshop on the topic “Strategic Planning of Organization” on July 17-20, 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia in the framework of the project “Assisting in development of sound civil society through strategic planning and implementation”. Eighteen representatives of NGOs and civic initiatives from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan participated in the training.

  • Armenian delegation studied Georgian experience in use of probation and alternative punishments

    On June 30-July 2, 2014 a delegation representing various governmental institutions of the Republic of Armenia visited Georgia to study Georgia’s experience in establishment and operation of the probation system and practice of use of non-custodial sentences and measures. The study trip was organized by Civil Society Institute non-governmental organization and Penal Reform International.

  • Conference and Rock Concert Against Torture and Impunity

    On 26 June, Civil Society Institute and Foundation Against Violation of Law NGOs organized a number of events to commemorate the United Nations’ International Day of Support to Victims of Torture. The organizations disseminated a joint announcement stating that the ineffective investigation and impunity have remained as a serious problem in cases of torture.

  • A. Danielyan: «Europe Day is a good opportunity to show the work we have accomplished»

    «Europe Day is already a traditional holiday for all of us, and is also a good occasion to show the work we have accomplished. We've preferred to present ourselves in this format as we think every person should be aware of his/her basic rights while being in the police department in order to be safe and avoid torture», noted Arman Danielyan.

  • Joint Statement concerning the application of detention as a measure of restraint in Armenia

    Civil Society Institute (CSI) and International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) released joint statement on the application of detention as a measure of restraint in Armenia. "Recent cases of pre-trial detention in Armenia once again raise the issue of the routine application of measures of constraint by judges in violation of the international human rights standards"...

  • Series of Trainings on Transitional Justice

    On February 24-26, March 3-5 and March 10-12 new training sessions on Transitional Justice took place in the framework of the Coalition for Rebuilding of Trust projectimplemented in Armenia by the Civil Society Institute in partnership with the Caucasus Institute. Beneficiaries are human rights activists, journalists and students.

  • NHC tries to create Coalition for Trust in South Caucasus

    On February 18-21 2014 the Secretary-General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee Bjørn Engesland, Head of Human Rights Education Department at the NHC Enver Djuliman and the Regional Coordinator of the projects “Coalition of rebuilding of trust” Marion Kipiani visited Georgia and Armenia.

  • Police officers participated in training on mediation

    On 26-29 November 2013 CSI organized a series of seminars on “Mediation as modern tool of the legal culture”. 60 police officers representing the Department on the Protection of the Rights of a Child and Combating Domestic Violence of the Police of Armenia and their respective local units attended the seminars.

  • Torture perpetrators shall not be granted amnesty

    Civil Society Institute expresses its deep concerns in regard to this shameful practice of releasing police officers-perpetrators of torture from serving punishment by granting amnesty. As a result, torture perpetrators avoid criminal responsibility or serving their punishment, and this contributes to a climate of impunity among the law enforcement officials.

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