Court Dismissed Gulyan’s Case Once Again


On February 5 the RA Criminal Court of Appeal pronounced a decision in Levon Gulyan's case leaving the verdict of the Kentron and Nork-Marash general jurisdiction court unchanged. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of the aggrieved party legal successors.

At the previous court sitting prosecutor H. Harutyunyan solicited to dismiss lawyer Ghukasyan's appeal substantiating that actions of law enforcing bodies were lawful (the lawyer claims that traces of violence and injuries on Gulyan's body were inflicted before his death, before he fell down).   

Lawyer Hrair Ghukasyan says they will continue to appeal against the decision of the Appeal Court and that they have at least two reasons for that. 

"The first instance court made a decision making a reference to one of the decisions by the Court of Cassation which was assumed as a basis, and the Court of Cassation had referred to one of the decisions of the European Court," the lawyer said adding that the second reason could possible be considered the fact that discussion of this issue could have essential significance in the formation of judicial practice.  

Gulyan died on May 12, 2007 when he was invited for questioning as a witness. The police had officially announced that he had tried to escape, fell down from the second floor window and died. The preliminary investigation body has twice quashed the criminal case in connection with his death and in both cases judicial inquiry was determined.