Support to Relatives of Victims


While relatives of the March 1 victims were meeting the President of International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) Souhayr Belhassen at the Civil Society Institute, activists supporting victims' relatives held an action in front of the CSI building.

The meeting with the relatives of the victims was organized at the initiative of FIDH President Souhayr Belhassen before the Congress-Forum "Justice: New Challenges - the Right to an Effective Remedy before an Independent Tribunal," to kick off in Yerevan on April 6.

Armenian National Congress activist Aram Manukyan says that Souhayr Belhassen's courageous initiative affords ground to believe that "this international organization is freer than other European bureaucratic structures." 

"We as supporters have come to Mrs. Belhassen with the parents of 10 victims and the text they prepared," he said. "Two years have passed but there is no progress in investigating the case of any of the murdered. Human rights activists are always crazier and more courageous and we hope that they will raise their voice at international structures."

Women participants of the action were holding pictures of the ten victims while relatives and their attorney Artak Zeynalyan were talking inside with Souhayr Belhassen.

Though one of the participants, Ofelia Margaryan, is persistently struggling with other activists, she is confident that nothing will come of it this time either.

"If for so long mothers are being beaten in the streets, what else can one expect from the authorities. I don't believe in anything," she said.

Violet Ghazaryan said that March 1 will always be an open wound for them that is rubbed salt into on every occasion.