Recognize the Fact of Violating the Right


On March 26 the Kentron and Nork-Marash communities' court continued examination of the protest by relatives of Hovanes Hovanisyan, Samvel Harutyunyan and Grigor Grigoryan killed on March 1 by firearm shots.

Using their attorney, Artak Zeynalyan, the relatives protest against inaction of General Prosecutor's Office and Special Investigation Service (SIS) and demand obliging them to conduct efficient investigation of the circumstance of the deaths and providing them with fair compensation. They are convinced that for 2 years no steps were taken to reveal the murder cases.

On April 16 the protesting party solicited to get acquainted with substantiations presented by the RA General Prosecutor's Office.  

Attorney Zeynalyan, presenting interests of the legal successors of victims' relatives, says no criminal case has been launched for any of the 10 killed men, and the rights of legal successors have been violated by the state; the attorney is convinced that there are dozens of facts testifying to that.

Like at the previous court session, the accuser Harutyun Harutyunyan and Vahagn Harutyunyan who presented the defending party, continued to insist that the victims' legal successors' protest was groundless and unfair. They demanded the court to dismiss the relatives' protest.

Zeynalyan says they were not allowed to get acquainted and study the legal proceeding and most of materials relating directly to the protest.          

"My clients had a right to be acquainted with the materials relating to the case. These materials had to be provided to them by the initiative of the other party. That is why we also demand that the court recognizes the fact of violating this right."

The attorney had submitted an application-protest to the Prosecutor General's Office demanding to eliminate inaction of the SIS several months ago. However, the application was dismissed for being groundless.

Relatives of victims are convinced that the court will again dismiss their application. The court is adjourned till May 4.