Report on The State Of Armenia’s Environment


This Report is the second  in Policy Forum Armenia's State of the Nation series, which aims to provide an assessment of developments of  critical importance taking place in Armenia and the Diaspora. 

The Report provides a general overview of environmental degradation in Armenia and highlights the exigencies of the present situation throughout the country. It is intended to serve merely as an initial reference to a complex set of environmental problems and issues that are closely intertwined with the country's long-term developmental prospects.

Through the combined application of academic analysis and practical experience of its authors, the Report argues that  improving environmental governance requires increased transparency and public participation in key policy decisions as well as the effective implementation and enforcement of  existing environmental laws. The open pit mining operations in Northern Armenia-the subject of the Teghut case study contained in the Report-is an example of one facility where both urgent policy changes and adequate enforcement of existing policies are needed.

The Report is structured in the following way. Section II offers an historical overview of environmental conditions during the Soviet period as well as the environmental problems that emerged in the early years of independence that were aggravated by the hardships of the energy crisis. Section III examines a number of current environmental threats facing Armenia. Section IV provides a case study on mining operations in Armenia with an in-depth examination of the controversial mining project in the Teghut forest. Finally, Section V concludes the analysis.

The report can be found here.

Sofia Manukyan