H.Hakobyan: “We have accepted that we were mistaken and now we are correcting it.”


Today, on March 1st, during the meeting with journalists the chairman of Social Affairs Committee of RPA Hakob Hakobyan when talking on the changes of "Temporary Disability Law", mentioned that NA  and the Government have realized the need of changes in this field and are now working on that mistake.

"Based on the changes, mothers who have up to one year work experience will from now on receive money according to the following principle:  the yearly income will be divided into 12 months, so they will get compensation of 50 percent. If there was no income tax before, now we take it and pay purely the 100 percent of income. We have accepted that we were not working right and now we are correcting our mistake,"-said Hakob Hakobyan.

In the opinion of Native Producers Union leader Vazgen Safaryan, this change was made in right time, but it would be better to have this law before.

"Though it's a bit late, but still the change was made on time, and we can expect from NA, that from now on people's opinion will be taken into account,"-mentioned Vazgen Safaryan.