“Let the court as well conduct investigation”, says the Senior Prosecutor Harutyun Harutyunyan


The Court of Criminal Appeals (with the presiding judge Khachatryan) declined the complaint of General Prosecutor's Office in connection with Levon Gulyan' case.

The Senior Prosecutor Harutyun Harutyunyan asked for reversing the May 25th decision of the Court of the First Instance of Kentron and Nork Marash.

On May 25 the Court of Fisrt Insatnce of Kentron and Nork Marash made a decision to satisfy the complaint of the representatives of Levon Gulyan's successor and obliged Special Investigative Service (SIS) to restart the investigation of the case.

As a reminder, the representatives of Levon Gulyan's successor had appealed the decision of SIS investigator Gabriel Petrosyan. Despite the decision of the Court of Cassation "to eliminate the violations of the rights and freedoms of a person realized during the primary investigation", Petrosyan had terminated the case because of the absence of corpus delicti.

Today the Court of Appeal had also invited investigator Gabriel Petrosyan to the session, however, the latter didn't come.  "He is absent due to urgent investigative actions, therefore I present the complaint and I think there is no need to wait for him to be present", said  Senior Prosecutor  Harutyunyan.

Harutyun Harutyunyan insisted on his complaint and presented different evaluations to the judicature. According to Harutyunyan the Court of First Instance made a judicial mistake, and the judge Khandanyan trying to satisfy certain circle of the society, made a decision.

In connection with carrying out investigation based on the decision of the Appellate Court, the Prosecutor's Office suggested the Court itself to carry out investigation on the same case.

The representatives of Levon Gulyan's successor objected the whole decision. "The decision doesn't stem from the criminal case and in its essence is aimed at centralizing the complaint on one investigation, trying to divert the attention of the Court from the essence of the case", said the lawyer Hrayr Ghukasyan.

Based on the decision of the Appellate Court, carrying out activities for realizing investigation with the help of the mannequin obtained from other country would be an attempt to dazzle people.

The result of today's hearing was that Prosecutor's Office is not going to waste its time on letter writing, even if its result would be realizing the decision of the highest instance of justice- Appellate Court, which in its turn might result in revealing the crime.

The investigation of Levon Gulyan's case continues for 4 years and the decision of the Prosecutor's Office has been reversed for 3 times: in all cases the investigation was carried out by Gabriel Petrosyan.

The decision of the Court of Appeal is subject for appellation during 15 days. According to H. Harutyunyan the Prosecutor's Office is definitely going to appeal it.

Aghavni Yeghiazaryan