The one-week round-the-clock rally is over


On 8th of October oppositionist ANC stopped its round-the-clock-rally which lasted for 8 days.

ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan suggested to stop the rally temporarily and "to be ready for termless strike at any time."

According to Levon Ter-Petrosyan during the rally 1000 people spent their nights in the tents in the Liberty Square, another 1000 spent their nights on the benches placed in the square, and 100.000 people participated in the round-the-clock rallies.

During the rally of October 8th the "Resolution on the round-the-clock rallies" was presented, according to which the most important achievement of March 1st events in 2008, was the elimination of the atmosphere of fear. Also the achievement is that ANC is the only power which put aim to restore the Constitution in order to achieve presidential and parliamentary elections for the change of the power.

As a reminder, the rally of September 30 organized by ANC turned into round-the-clock rally. A week later the announced 7 day rally didn't stop, and the protesters intended to continue it. During the 8 days of the rally, the Police had twice declared that "the rally is illegal" .

Photo: Arman Veziryan