“Hraparak” and Compulsory Enforcement Service Achieved Agreement


Newspaper "Hraparak" and Compulsory Enforcement Service achieved agreement: the court trial was closed with the sides arriving at an agreement: the editorial of the newspaper will publish an article in a month time on which both sides agreed.

As a reminder, according to the Head of the Judicial Department Misak Martirosyan the newspaper offended him three times and libeled him 9 times in two articles (Judicial Department - "Misak's Domain"-1  and Judicial Department - "Misak's Domain"-2).

The editor of the "Hraparak" newspaper Armine Ohanyan informed us that in the agreed article, the newspaper will publish that the articles included parts of direct speech from the letter of the employees of Compulsory Enforcement Service directed to Misak Martirosyan and that the newspaper is sorry that there were facts in the letter which insulted Misak Martirosyan's dignity.  It was not the opinion of the newspaper and it only expressed the complaint of those people.   

"I think that Compulsory Enforcement Service decided to achieve agreement, since the noise raised by the media was huge and unexpected. I am very grateful to my colleagues since it is thanks to them that the Service understood that it is shameful for the judicial department go against a newspaper".  

Karine Ionesyan