Mining Industrialists Lack Legal Knowledge


The scientific-academic center of Yerevan State University on Ecological rights started trainings for the employees of mining industry companies in order to raise their legal knowledge in the sphere.

Such trainings had been conducted for employees of governmental structures and NGOs, but for the employees of private companies this was the first cooperation.

"10 employees of Dino Gold Mining company in Kapan were the first to take such trainings, since after discussion with these employees, we felt that their mistakes were mainly connected with the lack of knowledge in the legal sphere", says the lawyer of the scientific-academic center on Ecological rights Gor Movsisyan.

During the trainings they concentrated on laws that are practically interpreted in various ways, while there are concrete mechanisms of realizing them.

"One of the subjects is the ecological control: they are for example interested in the role of inspectors and their controlling role", says Movsisyan.

According to him it is a widespread flaw when in the conclusion of the environmental examination the result assessment is missing. This means that afterwards it becomes senseless to demand from private companies acting in the frames of these conclusions.

The center plans to cooperate with other organizations for realizing such trainings.

Karine Ionesyan