The court trial is postponed for another month: the newspaper is in the court for publishing the reader’s opinion


The court trial of the case of lawyer Arthur Grigoryan against "Hraparak" newspaper was postponed until next month.

"Hraparak" newspaper needed some time for answering the claim, and the plaintiff needed some time for formulating his claim according to the comments of Constitutional Court. Based on these two requests on the 16th of November, the Court of First Instance of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts (judge G. Khandanyan) postponed the court trial.

Lawyer Arthur Grigoryan was insulted by one of the comments posted on the website of in August. The lawyer demands 18 million AMD from the newspaper for a comment that degrades his dignity.

"During many years I have cooperated with media. But "Hraparak" newspaper obtained wrong and dishonest policy towards me. This is libeling and not fighting for freedom of media. It publishes biased articles and throws mud at common people, that newspaper threatens any citizen that's why I aim to close it. However, I am in good relations with other newspapers", said Arthur Grigoryan.

There was also a question about the assessment of the Constitutional Court on taking into account the limited means of the defendant when defining the amount of compensation, as well as taking into account the income of the defendant, not defining inadequate amount of compensation, which can be critical for the activities of the defendant leading up to its bankruptcy. To this question Arthur Grigoryan's representative Tigran Atanesyan answered, "We do not say they should pay this money immediately, they can pay it whenever they can."

As a reminder, as a guarantee of claim satisfaction there was first a ban on the funds of "Hraparak" newspaper, which was later changed with ban on the property of the newspaper.

Next court trial will take place on 16th of November, at 11.30.