An attempt is being made to conceal illegal construction


The RA Ministry of Environment after receiving the special instruction of the prime minister announced about the creation of working group for dealing with the security issues of the Lake Sevan. The group involves the RA Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

As a reminder, "GeoProMining" company built recycling station on the basin of the lake, which is a violation of several laws and particularly the RA Law "On the Lake Sevan". Ecologists and NGOs have been alarming about this problem for the last 8 months.

The ecologists are sure that the creation of the working group is not a solution, since inspections should be realized, while the Ministry will not be able to fulfill inspections, since it has neither such mission, nor the specialists, nor it is the competent body for realizing the environmental legislation.

"There were three serious alarms, however, no one from the environmental inspection had ever gone to that area, studied the place and made an action for preventing that illegality. And now they form some group, where the Ministry is involved, which doesn't have environmental functions, so that no one went for inspections and this way the issue will be closed", the head of "Ecolur" NGO Inga Zarafyan informed She is sure that an attempt is being made to conceal illegal construction.

Karine Ionessyan