There should be no violence in a civilized world


“Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women” started a new action to raise awareness of the people on the problem of domestic violence. In Yerevan there are busses (# 33 and #36) with the logos of the coalition and hot line numbers for victims of domestic or sexual violence. Victims of abuse can call anonymously and receive the support, guidance and counseling.

“These days we hear through media about more and more sexual and domestic violence among Armenians. This is not a phenomenon specific to Armenia but it is a global problem for which society and governments must act to punish such acts. Solving conflicts through threats and violence is punishable by law in other countries and must be the rule in Armenia as well'', states the press realese of the colation.

Children are mostly affected by witnessing violence in their families and chances for them to become emotionally affected or becoming abusers are very high. Women must not remain silent and society – each of us, neighbors , friends , relatives - must understand the victim and condemn the abuser. Such behavior is not admissible in a civilized society.