The fact of torture of Hovakimyan will be proved by the witnesses


For proving the fact that Stepan Hovakimyan was subjected to torture, witnesses will be interrogated. After suspending the trials for this case for several times the RA Court of Criminal Appeals satisfied the lawyer’s motion to interrogate the witnesses during the next court trial, who prove that the fact of torture took place.

As a reminder, Stepan Hovakimyan and Vahram Qerobyan are charged for stealing 5 mln 80 thousand AMD and 10 thousand RUB from “Moscow” cinema-house. The basis for the charges is the confession of Stepan Hovakimyan which, as he later announced, was extorted through torture. A separate trial is carried out on that case.

Hovakimyan’s lawyer Tigran Safaryan informed that they presented the court with all necessary documents which prove that Stepan Hovakimyan was illegally taken to the police for three times and was subjected to torture. “We presented the protocol of the interrogation of Stepan Hovakimyan’s father, where he presented in details about that interrogation, also we presented the protocol of the attack on sister’s husband Karen Zohrabyan. We also presented the protocols of the friend Varazdat Tangamyan and uncle, who witnessed that the investigator didn’t allow the lawyer to enter the building on the 6th of February and they had to wait outside for hours while the investigator obtained confession from Hovakimyan”, said Safaryan.

Also the written announcements of three cell-mates of Hovakimyan were presented, where they state that Stepan was complaining of pains in head and back, which according to him were resulted by beatings. The police mention that Hovakimyan was not taken to the police in January, however, his friends were taken to the police for several times.

“Special Investigative Center and the Prosecutor didn’t ask for explanations, they stated that these people are unknown to them, however their names are in the materials and therefore our complaint has basis. They simply didn’t carry out investigation. They listened only to Hovakimyan and the police. The latter, naturally gave false testimony”, states Safaryan.

The next trial will take place on the 20th of December, at 15.00

Karine Ionessyan