It will take 4 months for the Special Investigation Service to send the inquiry


It took 4 months for the investigator of the RA Special Investigation Service CSI (Cases of Special Importance) Gabriel Petrosyan to send the inquiry to acquire the mannequin needed for investigative actions. 

Levon Gulyans's case, who died in the police station is not examined properly. The prosecution's decisions on dismissing Levon Gulyans case was thrice reversed by the court.

Although the Cassation Court made a decision on August 27, 2010 that a number of actions had to be carried out within the framework of the investigation of the case, nothing is done, apart from sending the inquiry to acquire the mannequin.

To remind, Levon Gulyan died in the building of RA Police station on May 12, 2007. The official hypothesis of Gulyan's death is that he fell on his back from the second floor of the police station attempting to commit a suicide or escape. However, the members of his family claim that he was abused, because bruises and signs of violence were found on his body. 

On May 25, 2011 the judge of Court of First Instance of Kentron and Nork-Marash districts Khandatyan made a decision to satisfy the appeal of the representatives of Levon Gulyan's successors and to oblige the Special Investigation Service to resume the investigation of the case. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of the prosecution.

On September 8, 2011 a decision to resume to the proceedings of the case was made.

To the question of "What kind of investigative actions were carried out up to now?" senior investigator of CSI (Cases of Special Importance) Gabriel Petrosyan answered that "During the preliminary investigation in order to  acquire the mannequin needed for the implementation of the demands of the RA Court of Appeal decision we made inquiries to the RA corresponding institutions, the answers from which were received in December 2011, and based on the discussions a final decision will be made on the criminal case, in connection with which  a corresponding notification will be made".

Attorney Hrayr Ghukasyan, the representative of Gulyan's successors received no notification to get information about the investigative actions. He applied to the Prosecutor General asking to submit information about the implemented investigative actions.

"They only answered that the proceedings are resumed and the previous investigator investigates the case. Since that moment we have not been notified about any action, we do not know what actions are carried out, and if they are or are not carried out at all", mentions Mr. Ghukastyan.

The attorney was not aware of the inquiries to acquire mannequin for the expert examination.

 "That is only one of the demands, they present the decision of the court in a subjective and narrow way trying to present it as the only demand of the Court of Appeal. But there are 4-5 decisions of the court, where many violations are cited and which include much more serious substantiations. No investigation is being carried out to reveal those violations", says the representative of Gulian's successor.

The Special Investigation Service placed this case in a close cycle. It is in the proceedings of investigator Gabriel Petrosyan, this is continually dismissed, then resumed as a result of court proceedings. But the case does not proceed.

Mery Alexanyan