They have a joint position against the exploitation of the uranium mine


On January 25, nine NGOs of Syunik region addressed the open letter to the RA President and demanding to stop the searching of uranium ore in Lernadzor and repeal all decisions concerning the mine.

Chairman of the "Sustainable Development" NGO Armen Parsadanyan who is a member of the group that has initiated the campaign against the mine exploitation informed  that residents of the region are really scared. «Taking into consideration the territory of Armenia and negative impact of the uranium mine utilization   on the environment; we believe that this project bears a serious threat to our national security», he says.

In the open letter the NGOs state that the policy of the development of mining is not appropriate because "only few individuals make use of the natural resources belonging to all the citizens of Armenia and the coming generation."

NGOs repeatedly remind that during the survey conducted in Syunik region 99 percent of 13 850 questioned citizens were against the possible exploitation of the uranium mine in Armenia. 

 "Disregarding the results of the collected signatures will threaten trust in authorities and will be a challenge to the society and civil society organizations", stated 9 NGOs adding that they have a joint position regarding the issue. 

Coordinator of Aarhus center of Kapan Ashot Avagyan said that they will wait for the response from RA President. Their further steps would depend on the response. If it is not acceptable, they will continue the protest actions. «Once we succeeded in stopping the activities. I suppose they did it in order to calm us down as they continued the exploration later », says Mr. Avagyan.

According to him, the Government does not want to understand why the society  is protesting against the project. "The reason is simple. If as a result of exploration they discover huge deposits of uranium, it will be very difficult to stop the business project", says the Coordinator of Aarhus center of Kapan.

The open letter is signed by the members of the group that initiated the protest against the exploitation of the uranium mine including "Sustainable Development", "Azatamart", , "Kapan women's resource center", "Apaven Hamaynqnerin", "Legal Society", "Khustup" and "Hangrvan" NGOs, Kapan office of the Young Lawyers Association  and Aarhus center of Kapan.

Mary Alexanyan

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