The representatives of sit-down demonstration met the Mayor


On February 14 the members of "We are the owners of this city" civil group, protesting against the construction in the park in Mashtots Avenue, met the Mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan. The arrangement of the meeting was made by the deputies of the National Assembly Anahit Bakhshyan and Lilit Galstyan. The environment protection activist Karine Danielyan and the chief architect of Yerevan Narek Sargsyan were also present at the discussion.

"My standpoint on this issue is clear and I declared it many times. There will be no construction at the expense of green areas. Moreover, the municipality of Yerevan has a number of environmentally oriented projects which aim at not only the preservation of green zones but also their expansion" said Taron Margaryan.

He noted that the boutiques located in the park were temporary constructions and they were located by the right of lease. And the economic entities were obliged to improve, look after and keep the surrounding areas in good condition.

Taron Margaryan also said that when the implementation of "Old Yerevan" project started those boutiques would be dismantled, Information and Public Relations Department informs.

At Mayor's suggestion the members of the initiative group must become familiar with "Old Yerevan" project and architectural documents in the municipality. "We have accepted the suggestion but it changes nothing" said the member of initiative group Sona Ayvazyan. According to her they will probably call a press conference tomorrow.

Taron Margaryan gave an assignment to visit the park with the working group and study the issue on the spot.

Mery Alexanyan