The police ensure an undisrupted construction; the activists continue the sit-in protest


On February 17 the construction of shops ("boutiques") has started in Mashtots Park with the support of police. In the morning the police took the participants of the sit-in protest out from the part of the park where the construction is being carried out. During the whole day the police made a "wall" to ensure an undisrupted construction. The environment protection activists managed to prevent the delivery of cement. They block the way of the lorry which brings cement and they do not let the lorry enter the construction sector.

Head of Yerevan Police Department Nerses Nazaryan investigating the issue on the spot today met with the Mayor. Despite a number of arguments and examples of obvious illegitimacies presented by the environment protection activists, he claimed that the Mayor presented the relevant documents and the police must secure the normal process of improvement works.

At 4:30pm the representative of municipality should visit the park to discuss the issue. Yerevan Council member and the director of Chamber theatre Ara Yernjakyan visited the park and told the participants of sit-in protest that the environment protection activists break the order, they demonstrate against something which is legal. A. Yernjakyan left the park when environment protection activists' shouted "shame on you, shame on you".

At the end of the working day the construction stopped. The environment protection activists continue the sit-in protest.

The participant of the action Mery Khachatryan pointed out that Head of Yerevan Police Department Nerses Nazaryan suggested applying to the court to prevent the illegitimacies. We know where the courts are located. Despite our many petitions the municipality hasn't provided the corresponding documents and we cannot take steps without seeing those documents" says lawyer M. Khachatryan.

On February 17, at 4:00pm there were 30 policemen in Mashtots Park who were securing the undisrupted process of construction.

Today the police disseminated the following statement. "On February 16 and 17 a group of citizens is trying to suspend the construction works in the park adjacent to Mashtots avenue".

RA police, according to the RA law "On police", being called upon to secure the public order and the security of the citizens must take the corresponding measures to secure the undisrupted implementation of officially authorized construction works on one hand and to protect the rights of the participants of the meeting on the other hand.

At the same time it is necessary to realize the prevention of authorized construction work is not protected by freedom of assembly as the peaceful implementation of meetings excludes the compulsorily implementation of presented demands by the participants of the rally.

Such actions can be labeled as arbitrariness and cause administrative liability. In connection with breaches of public order and public security, not fulfilling the policeman's legal demands will also bring to administrative liability.

To exclude the inappropriate aggravation of the situation and the implementation of administrative compulsion RA police urges the citizens to abstain from the actions preventing the construction works and to express their appeal in ways corresponding to law on "Freedom of assembly".

The builders were trying to melt the frozen water pipe by burning wood.

And the environment protection activists were representing their demands, singing patriotic songs, playing on instruments and dancing.

This note was attached to the participants' bags

Aghavni Yeghiazaryan