Children with antisocial behavior learn to overcome conflicts


Civil Society Institute NGO in January and February 2012 conducted a series of trainings in Republican Special Educational Complex № 1dedicated to overcoming the conflicts, peacebuilding, raising legal awareness and development of communication skills.

Children with antisocial behavior and had problems at home, at school and in surroundings study in the educational complex.

"Through the interactive discussions on conflicts and peace we tried to find out the main reasons of conflicts and violence among the juveniles and how we can avoid conflicts. The children who took part in the training got skills on overcoming the conflicts" says the coordinator of peacebuilding department of Civil Society Institute NGO and trainer Monika Hovhannisyan.

She also spoke  about Alfred Nobel as well as about Nobel Peace laureates which in her opinion can inspire children.

The lawyer Tatevik Gharibyan passed on some knowledge to the participants of the training about the rights and duties of juvenile offender and police during their legal relationships. "I particularly introduced the juvenile's rights of a suspect, accused and witness during the pre-trial investigation. I spoke about the right not to be subjected to ill treatment and tortures as well as about the presumption of innocence. The juvenile must have an idea about the process of pre-trial investigation, the rights and duties of the parties, in order to know how to act in this or that situation" says T. Gharibyan.

The last phase of the training was dedicated to children's effective communication skills. It was conducted by Maya Barkhudaryan. By means of different exercises and tasks the participants learnt what verbal and non-verbal communication is. They were taught the skills of interviewing somebody and giving an interview using the voice and gestures. The children watched Armenian feature films ("Tzhvzhik"and "Harstatsun hyusisits" (The bride from the north)) and discussed the peculiarities of characters.

Meri Alexanyan