They will be on hunger-strike when all the instances for appeal are exhausted


At this moment the construction in Mashtots park is stopped, there are not many policemen and the number of deminstrators is increasing, this was reported to by demonstrator Bayandur Poghosyan.

Yesterday he announced (went on) a hunger-strike in Mashtots park which lasted 5 hours. The reason of putting an end to the hunger-strike was the announcement of police lieutenant colonel Karen Movsisyan and the complaints of people.

"At around 9 o'clock at night the lieutenant colonel at the presence of everybody said that he was called from the highest instances and told that the construction was stopped for one week till we receive the answer of our documents" Poghosyan told

Bayandur Poghosyan hopes the settlement of the issue will be legal and he claims that their demonstrations will continue and will be peaceful.

Tomorrow the RA Public Council will have a discussion on construction and public protest in the park adjacent to Mashtots avenue. Members of Public Council and heads of sub-committees, environment protection activists and other interested people will be present at the discussion. According to information service of Public Council an invitation for taking part in discussion was sent to municipality, RA Ministries of Environment Protection and Urban Development and the Union of Architects.

And the police undertake a discussion at a round table on police actions in the park on February 28. "Attaching importance to different public points of view and to raising of awareness, the RA Police express their willingness to arrange round table discussions with the representatives of all the interested non-governmental organizations about the questions relatd to the legal reasoning of   police actions" this is mentioned in the statement disseminated by the police.

Although the environmental protection activists will not spend the night in the park they will regularly visit the park and will present the situation of the park in their profile of "Facebook" social web-site.

Meri Alexanyan