Particular examples were not spoken about in Police


"In case of irreversible effects the police must put their professional obligations on the scales" announced the President of "Civil Society Institute" (CSI) NGO Arman Danielyan at a round table organized in RA Police.

To remind, on February 28, the RA Police has organized a round table announcing that it has been decided to hold a discussion on the comments made by non-governmental organizations on the activities of police.

At the discussion the policemen said that there is no need to speak about particular examples. They wanted to hear about the experience applied in European countries noting that the policemen must be tolerant but they must keep low level of the arbitrariness.

According to Articles 8-11 of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) the intervention to right must be: 1. Stipulated by law. 2. Pursue a legitimate aim. 3. Necessary in democratic society.

"For the sake of the point 3-Democracy all the steps must be considered" says attorney Siranush Sahakyan.

"Our policemen should be more tolerant as our executive bodies are used to make contradictory decisions" announced Arman Danielyan at the discussion.

As it was previously decided to speak in general at round table without bringing particular examples Danielyan spoke about abstract hydroelectric station, waterfall and boutiques.

"Suppose the executive body allows them to build a hydroelectric station on an abstract waterfall. The activists begin to go in for arbitrariness not allowing it to be built and the policemen disperse the activists and the hydroelectric power station is built. Later another executive body affirms that the decision is illegal but the waterfall has been already destroyed. This is an example which shows that the consequences can be irrevocable, so the policemen must be tolerant when the activists have substantial and legal complaints" Danielyan thinks.

Although it was not mentioned in the announcement that the discussion at a round table would be closed and the journalists cannot take part in it, the journalists' activities were prevented in RA Police the doors were closed in front of them.

Karine Ionesyan