“Witness Artak Hovhannisyan discredits my brother”, Tsovinar Nazaryan


Although Artak Nazaryan’s relatives apply to various public bodies asking to investigate the case of their son in Yerevan, the court hearing continue to be held in Ijevan.

To remind, lieutenant Artak Nazaryan was murdered on 27 July, 2010 in one of the military bases (“Ghozlu”) taken under the control of "Mehrabner" military unit, which is situated not far from Tavushmarz, Berd district, village Chinari. The preliminary investigation carried out by the RA Ministry of Defense Investigation Service is finished and the case entered court with the qualification of “Causing to commit a suicide”. The Nazayans claim that the preliminary investigation was carried out with illegalities, summing up to the destruction and falsification of evidences.

The trial took place in Berd Residence of Court of First Instance of Tavush District, later the court hearings took place in the Court of First Instance of Shengavit Community of Yerevan, but starting from the January of this year the hearings were transferred to Ijevan.

On February 28, the video materials of witness Arman Mnatsakanyan were watched.  Mr. Mnatsakanyan, who is one of the main witnesses, does not come to the court sessions, saying that he is ill.

As Artak Nazaryan’s sister Tsovinar Nazaryan told, witness sergeant Artak Hovhannisyan, who was the deputy of Artak Nazaryan, was interrogated in the court. He is one of the essential witnesses of the case and the accusation was formed on the basis of his evidence. The preliminary conjecture and 5 accused persons were involved in the case also based on his evidence.

“Essentially, he repeated his evidence of the preliminary investigation by which he discredited and defamed my brother. We have a number of questions concerning this, but we do not touch upon that as we are going to interrogate him during the next court session”, said Ms. Nazaryan.

The next court session will be held on March 6, at 12:00pm.

Karine Ionesyan