Three court sessions on the case of the death of Artak Nazaryan per week


Samvel Mardanyan, the judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Tavush marz

The judge of the Court of General Jurisdiction of Tavush marz Samvel Mardanyan ignoring the fact that the participants of Artak Nazaryan trial live in Yerevan sent a summons to them that from March he would convoke sessions in Ijevan three times a week.

As claims Tsovinar Nazaryan, Artak Nazaryan’s sister, the sessions are often changed into a dialogue and contradictions between the judge Samvel Mardanyan and other participants of the session.

“It is all the same to the judge that we live in Yerevan and work and cannot live in Ijevan three days a week because of his caprice” says Tsovinar Nazaryan.

To remind that Artak Nazaryan was killed on July 27, 2010 in the military service place in one of the military basis (“Ghozlu”)taken under the control of “Mehrabner” military unit, which is situated not far from the Tavush region, Berd district, village Chinari. The preliminary investigation carried out by the RA Ministry of Defense Investigation Service is finished and the case entered court based on the crime “Causing to commit a suicide”. While the Nazaryans claim that the preliminary investigation was carried out with shortcomings up to destructionand falsification of proves.

At first the judicial process was held in Berd residence in the Court of First Instance of Tavush region, then with assizes in Yerevan in the Court of First Instance of Shengavit community and from January of this year the trial was transferred to Ijevan.

On March 6 at the previous court session Artak Nazaryan’s substitute junior sergeant ArtakHovhannisyan was interrogated who is one of the 4 important witnesses of the case. He was interrogated by the prosecutor and victim parties as well as a few questions asked the defending party.

Hovhannisyan told the injured that he hadn’t seen how Nazaryan committed suicide. He couldn’t answer the question of the injured how he claimed that Nazaryan committed suicide when he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

Tsovinar Nazaryan is sure that the prosecutor and the judge do their best that the witnesses repeat their testimonies made at the preliminary investigation but the witnesses very often do not repeat some parts from their testimonies saying they have forgotten.

The next court session will take place tomorrow on March 13 at which the defending party will continue interrogating the witness Artak Hovhannisyan.

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