The court listened to the commander of battalion


The court hearing of Artak Nazaryan case. 27 March, 2012

On March 27 in the Court of First Instance of Tavush marz the trial on death case of serviceman, Lieutenant Artak Nazaryan continued.

The judge Samvel Mardanyan asking about data of journalist or media video taking the session announced that Azerbaijani TV channels show some parts of this trial and warned “there shouldn’t be a leakage of information” and in case of problems connected with the national security the journalists will bear responsibility.

In the previous court session the victim’s successor Tsovinar Nazaryan and his representative ombudsman Ruben Martirosyan expressed a rejection to challenge the accuser Harutyun Harutyunyan. H. Harutyunyan opposed the rejection saying there were no sufficient grounds for that. The court session was interrupted to make a decision on the rejection.

At 2:00 pm in the restarted session the judge Samvel Mardanyan rejected the mediation expressed to accuser Harutyun Harutyunyan. Then the court listened to the witness, the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Misha Gabrielyan. Despite the other witness Garegin Sayadyan appeared before the court earlier the judge decided to interrogate Misha Gabrielyan (after Artak Nazaryan’s death the latter was moved to Chambarak, his position was reduced for one year).

Misha Gabrielyan characterized Artak Nazaryan as an intelligent, humble person adding that he could partially fulfill the responsibilities of the commander of platoon, Artak Nazaryan had difficulties in some practical tasks as if he didn’t like the military work.

On the day of Artak’s death the Lieutenant Colonel M. Gabrielyan was in vocation. The Capitan Hakob Manukyan gave Artak’s notebook with a note to the deputy commander of the battalion Major Najaryan demanding to say nothing about it to anyone. After Artak’s death Najaryan gave them to Misha Gabrielyan but the latter gave that note and the notebook which were material proves to the investigating authority after some days.

The Lieutenant Colonel Gabrielyan said in the court that he had forgotten about them and hadn’t thought the notebook and the note were important for the case. In that note Artak Nazaryan mentioned nobody was accused of his death, a part of that note is deleted.

After the interrogation of the witness the accuser H. Harutyunyan submitted a motion to pronounce M. Gabrielyan’s pre-investigational evidences. The representatives of victim’s successor and the defendant’s attorneys were against it but the judge Mardanyan satisfied the mediation. The accuser Hayk Haroyan was reading Misha Gabrielyan’s pretrial testimonies with great difficulty which had been written by investigator Madatyan.  The witness Gabrielyan answering the question of the representative of the victim’s successor Ruben Martirosyan said there were no reasons for killing Artak Nazaryan. The witness was sure Artak had committed a suicide but couldn’t mention any reason for that.

The accusers Harutyun Harutyunyan and Hayk Haroyan asked the witness questions for a long time which were not often connected with the accusation. According to defendant Hakob Manukyan’s defender Hrant Gevorgyan the accusers “were beating around the bush” and received a remark by the judge Samvel Mardanyan.

In the next court session which will take place on April 17 Garegin Sayadyan will be interrogated as an important witness.

Voskan Sargsyan