Who seems crazy: the peaceful activist, the one who alarmed, or..?


Yervand Karapetyan’s photo from his FB profile

Today at 1:50pm the activist Yervand Karapetyan was summoned to Nork-Marash police station from in front of the Public Television. He was carrying out an action of protest against the anti-democratic activities of the Public Television. According to the police officers an unknown citizen alarmed that there was a man in front of the building of the Public Television, who behaved strangely, “he seems crazy” mentioned the citizen, who alarmed.

As a result of that alarm the police summoned Yervand Karapetyan. Yervand was standing alone in front of the building of the television with a poster in his hands. To our question how Yervand’s “strange behavior” was manifested, Harutyunyan mentioned in a confused way that he stood there with a poster in his hands.

The name of the citizen, who alarmed is not clear. Given that Yervand was standing in front of the building of Public Television, which is not a lively and crowded place, the call apparently was from the building of the television. To our question if any steps are taken in order to find the person who alarmed, Harutyunyan answered: “The materials on the case are prepared, so yeah, we will refer to that as well”.

At around 3:15pm Yervand Karapetyan was taken by ambulance to the Psychiatric Hospital of Nubarashen for examination. At this moment-3:58 pm, Yervand Karapetyan is in the psychiatric hospital of Nork.