CSI Demands an Investigation into Occasion of Unlawful Interference by Police


On March 30, 2012 at 1:50 pm Yervand Karapetyan was escorted to Nork-Marash police station, when he was protesting against the activities of the Public Television by standing alone in front of the facilities of the Public Television with a poster in his hands. According to the police officer on duty in Nork-Marash police station an unknown citizen alarmed that there was a man in front of the building of the Public Television “who manifested strange behavior”. According to the police, Yervand Karapetyan’s strange behavior manifested “in standing with a poster in his hands” and “in irregular movements of his hands”.

Yervand Karapetyan was taken from the police station to psychiatric hospital of Nork by the ambulance. The police motioned for the institutionalization of Yervand Karapetyan in the psychiatric hospital “for treatment”. The commission composed of three doctors concluded that Yervand krapetyan had no symptom of mental disorder and he was not dangerous for the society.

At around 6:00 pm Yervand Karapetyan was released from the psychiatric hospital.

Civil Society Institute expresses its concerns with the facts that the police unlawfully deprived Yervand Karapetyan of personal freedom, restricted his freedoms of expression and peaceful demonstration without providing adequate and sufficient reasons for the restriction of the fundamental human rights.

Civil Society Institute demands proper investigation on the occasion of unjustified interference with the fundamental freedoms of the individual and punish the offender officials in order to deter repetition of such incidents in future.