Two Persons Are in the Same Voting Booth


Արաբկիր համայնքի թիվ 4/15 ընտրատեղամաս

4/15 polling station of Arabkir community

In 4/15 polling station of Arabkir community which is situated in the school named after Vardges Petrosyan, the queues of voters gathered outside the polling station. In that polling station 1967 voters were registered plus 6 by additional list.

The camera of noticed two persons in a polling-booth and heard the woman “supporting” the voting citizen call the name of “Prosperous Armenia” party.

The members of commission did not pay attention to that fact and only after the observation of our reporter, the Chairman of the commission approached and asked why there were two persons in the polling-booth.

The members of the commission said the voter needed help. By the way the voter was taking part in the voting for the 9th time. As another observation, the observers at the polling station were interfering in our work trying to justify the recorded fact.

After the voting, we tried to find out whether the voter had a eyesight or mobility problem, and the citizen gave a negative answer and said he was taking part in the elections for the first time and he was just guided on how to vote.

Laywer Lida Hakobyan considers this fact as gross violation of electoral right. According to the lawyer, even if citizens do not know how to fill in the ballot, they should apply to the Chairman of the Commission. The citizen in need can be helped by a person who is not a proxy or electoral commission member.

The lawyer mentioned that the law obliges to register the data on a person who delivered assistance to a voter who needed it in the registry, and that was not done. The Chairman of Commission, Serob Stepanyan, member of Prosperous Armenia political party, explained that he was busy and was not aware that two citizens entered the polling-booth together.  Serob Stepanyan explained the fact that the case was not registered in the registry by that “the citizen had a vision problem and the person went out and we did not manage to register.”

To notice, the citizen told us he did not have a vision problem. By the way, the polling station was crowded and this was not the only case when citizens asked for help.

Marianna Gharamanyan

Legal Initiative “Elections 2012” cooperates with a number of media including on May 6