In Ararat a voter was advised on whom to vote for


Elections 2012 of Civil Society legal initiative ambulances attended 11 precinct stations in Ararat marz. According to CSI observer, an unusual activism was notices in almost all stations, which resulted in crowds in the stations. In some places this caused uncontrolled situations. 

At the precinct station 17/16 situated in the School No.1 in Artashat, a girl was not allowed to register and assist her disabled mother to vote. After notice of SI observer of the case, the situation was solved.

At 17/11 precinct station one of voters after receiving ballots approached the chairman of the electoral commission and asked, whom for he should vote. The chairman directed him, but when noticed that an observer looks at their side, waved his hand and said why should I know, whom for to vote, whomever you want.”