Electoral violations in Chambarak


The observer of Civil Society Institute recorded electoral violations in Chambarak village in Gegharkunik marz.

At 23/24 polling station the observer saw a woman observer who besides the observation certificate had an emblem of Republican Party of Armenia on her breast. There was a RPA emblem on the boy’s breast helping one of the voters.

According to the observer in the polling station there was a group voting: 3-4 people voted in one polling-booth. The observer noticed that a tall person standing near the polling-booths followed from the top which is a violation of confidentiality.

The observer of CSI submitted his observation to the Chairman of the district commission in written form.

The same observer informs that in 23/23 polling station of Chambarak the proxy of Gagik Jhangiryan told him a woman came to vote and instead of dropping the envelopes into the boxes she came to the Chairman of commission and asked what she should do. The chairman of commission took the envelopes and voided the ballots.

There were many voters who “needed help” in 23/23 polling station. During two hours 27 persons were aided by other persons. 

Author Մերի Ալեքսանյան