The voting is over


At 20:00 the voting in all of the RA polling station finished. According to the CEC preliminary data of 17:00, 1 million 300 thousand people have voted, which is the 51.5 percent of the population.

At 21:00 the CEC will tell the number of people who voted until 20:00.

Within the framework of “Elections 2012” legal initiative the total number of calls to the 080-080-804 hotline is 140 by 20:00.

According to the preliminary data of the Exit poll carried out by the Gallup International (at 18:00) the leaded is the Republican Party of Armenia.

The results of the survey among 25.000 Armenian voters conducted by the order of “Armenia” TV station, the votes were distributed the following way:

The Republican Party of Armenia- 44.4 %

“Prosperous Armenia” party- 28.8 %

Armenian National Congress- 6.33 %

“Rule of Law”- 6.14 %

“Heritage”- 5.92

Armenian Revolutionary Federation- 5.18 %

Armenian Communist Party- 2.2 %

Armenian Democratic Party- 0.51 %

Nearly the 40 % of the respondents refused to take part in the survey.

In the polling stations already started the calculation of the votes. At midnight the Central Electoral Commission will already start to promulgate the preliminary results of the elections.