By 7:00 pm 43,23 percent of the voters took part in the elections in Gyumri


By 7:00 pm, out of the 62 200 registered voters in 34 polling stations in Gyumri, 27 085 voters or 43,23 percent of voters voted for candidates in proportional list and 27 770 voters or 44,65 percent of the voters voted for candidates in majoritarian lists.

In four polling stations of this territorial electoral district half an hour after the start of elections the work of mass media representatives was hindered. The Chairman of territorial electoral commission No.34 Edvard Baghramyan said that he learnt about it through local media, and called the chairmen of the commissions.

According to that information the journalist group did not even manage to come and start its work in school № 6. The young man who approached from behind stole the operator’s camera and left. According to Eduard Baghramyan the camera which was given back is still in the safe of 34/25 polling station but the operator refuses to go and take the camera.

Yeranuhi Soghoyan

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