By 16:20 there were more than 115 calls to 080-080-804 hotline


Civil Society Institute in the framework of “Elections 2012” legal initiative received more than 115 call at the hotline 080-080-804 by 16:20.

According to the lawyers of the hotline, the calls mainly related to gatherings at the precinct stations. Proxies, observer, journalists were calling on cases that chairmen of precinct stations had not registered cases of violations and refuse to take their written observations.

In the morning there were many complaints on the ink, which vanished far before the due time in the process of oxidation. The Central Electoral Commission gave explanation to the fact.

Calls asking for legal assistance also were received by the hotline. Voters are interested whether the spouses can vote together in a voting booth, whether an observer can assist a voter in voting etc.

Recently, a call was received on 7/23 precinct station in Malatia-Sebastia administrative district that bribes in sums of  20 000 AMD were distributed to voters to vote on behalf Samvel Alexanyan.

Let us remind, that 30 legal assistance ambulances go around in Armenia, they have already visited more than 200 precinct stations.