Suddenly, a group of voters appeared passing the queue by, voted and left


At the 12/07 precinct station of the Shengavit district, proxies of Heritage and Prosperous Armenia political parties informed that suddenly a group of voters appeared in a precinct station, passed the queue, voted in in a hasty manner and left.

“The police was on the first floor at this moment and was not aware what was going on”, told the voters of the precinct station. 

We should mention that there was a tense atmosphere at the precinct station, the situation aggravated to the level that voters started to blame the chairman of the commission, using insulting speech.

At this moment, the proxies of the ANC prepare the registration of the case.

At the 12/07 precinct station in Shengavit district, works a journalist of Yerkir newspaper Tatev Verdyan.

Legal Initiative “Elections 2012” cooperates with a number of media including Yerkir newspaper on May 6.